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Why is Regulatory Compliance Necessary for the Facilities and Estates professionals in the public sector?

As a facility manager, you understand the importance of having an orderly process for sourcing, vetting, hiring, monitoring, and paying vendors to maintain your building. Learn how to avoid missed deadlines, cost overruns, unwelcome surprises, and unhappy stakeholders.

The purpose of introducing regulatory compliance measures is to protect public sector organisations from high-risk practices. It also indicates that an organisation is running ethically and uses industry-standard facilities within its operations.


Facilities & Estates
Maintain Higher Health and Safety Standards
Facilities & Estates
Identify and Reduce Risks to Health and Safety
Facilities & Estates
Comply with the Environment Bill

What is the Difference between Facilities Management and Estate Management?

Estate management is mainly about the ownership of a property, while facilities management is related to the services being delivered within that property.

What is the UK Government Functional Standard for Property?

It manages a variety of complex estate portfolios and transformation programmes to support the efficiency and reform of public services.

What is the Government Property Sustainability Strategy?

It provides public sector departments with guidance to create a greener public estate, supporting the achievement of the Greening Government Commitments.

What does the Environment Agency do?

The Environment Agency works to speed up sustainable development by helping developers meet regulatory requirements efficiently.

What is The Environment Bill 2020?

The Environment Bill is designed to take urgent and meaningful action to address the environmental and climate crisis we face, and serves as a key vehicle for realizing the bold vision set out in the 25-Year Environmental Plan. It will help the country to build back better after Covid-19 with measures that support both economic growth and deliver an ambitious environmental programme.  

It will help all organisations emerge from this crisis and build a more just, greener and more sustainable future. 

What is the Environment Protection Act 1990?

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 is an Act of Parliament in England, Wales and Scotland since 2008 which provides the basic structure and authority for waste management and control of releases to the environment.

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What are the Skills Required for a Facilities and Estates professional?

  • Bachelor’s or associate degree in project management
  • A completed course in facilities and estates management
  • Extensive experience in building and equipment maintenance
  • Advanced knowledge of maintenance planning and schedules
  • Ability to respond to building and equipment emergencies
  • In-depth knowledge of building safety regulations and security protocols
  • Proficiency in office software, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook Express
  • Excellent organisational and communication skills