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Effective Public Sector Marketing Channels

Even if your role doesn’t revolve around marketing, being able to market your initiatives, ideas and brand to the public can go a long way in engaging and bringing them on board with your organisation. Here’s some effective channels you can use:

  • Social Media – Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram and others can be good cost-effective marketing channels to reach a large number of the public.
  • Email Marketing – Emails as a marketing channel have the dual benefit of being able to target a large number of the public for your marketing campaigns as well as reach individuals in a more personal way.
  • Websites and Blogs – As a marketing channel, your website is potentially the 1st point of contact the public may have with both your organisation and your marketing campaign.
  • Physical Marketing (flyers, posters, pamphlets etc.) – Using a physical marketing channel, such as flyers or posters, allows you to cut through a competitive digital marketing landscape, creating an impact on the public through marketing they can physically see in their day-to-day life.
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Writing Under Pressure
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Influence, Engage and Inspire
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Effectively Managing Your Online Presence
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Generate Innovative and Relevant Ideas
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What to Say, How to Say it, and When to Say it
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Persuade and Engage with Key Service Users
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Improve your written communication

5 Steps to Dramatically Improve Your Writing Skills

  1. Find writing examples that inspire you
  2. Practice writing for your specific audience
  3. Understand the power of outlines
  4. Find an editing tool you actually like
  5. Take a writing course


Improve Your Emails: 5 Email Copywriting Tips for the Public Sector

  1. Identify the audience for your emails
  2. Ensure your content is relevant
  3. Adapt the correct tone of voice
  4. Co-ordinate emails with your team
  5. Complete any follow-ups

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Want to improve your digital communication skills?

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