Whether at the end of parental leave, after a career break or sustained illness, returning to work is a complicated and sensitive time that all organisations experience. Balancing the needs of the individual and workplace can be difficult. Designing and adapting a proactive and ethical return-to-work policy ensures sustained productivity, high staff motivation and more beneficial outcomes.

This highly interactive In-House course charts the journey of a returner and continually reviews the most appropriate and advantageous steps for all parties involved. Through real-life case studies and practical workshops, delegates will be able to go back to their organisation with not only a thorough understanding of compliance and culture issues, but also bespoke, fit-for-purpose takeaways to apply in their workplace.

Covering topics including statutory regulation, encouraging confidence whilst avoiding guilt, exemplar support mechanisms and the differing approaches to specific types of returners, this Effectively Supporting People Returning to Work course is tailored to give both organisations and individuals the required guidance to help some of the most vulnerable workers within the public-sector


Learning Outcomes

  • Statutory regulation and compliance updates
  • Dismissal, redundancy and complaints procedures surrounding Return to Work
  • The value of a fit-for-purpose ‘Returners Programme’
  • Practical workshops to create a bespoke policy for your organisation
  • Building confidence and avoiding guilt in returners
  • Supporting returners after mental health issues
  • Parental Leave: Practical and bespoke guides for employers and individuals
All the Understanding ModernGov courses are Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified, with signed certificates available upon request for event.

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