Delivering excellent customer service, whilst working remotely and during a lockdown is very difficult. With higher demand for public services, now is the time to learn how to deliver customer service whilst working remotely.  

At Understanding ModernGov, we understand those challenges and want to help you deliver the best customer service possible.  

This Delivering Customer Service Remotely In-House course will give you the opportunity to discuss and learn the most appropriate methods to deliver for your service users’ 

By attending this virtual course, your teams will learn what exceptional customer service looks like; overcome the barriers to forming excellent customer relationships whilst working remotely; improve training to deliver remote customer service, and implement a remote working customer service strategy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what exceptional customer service should consist of  
  • Learn how to ensure all communications are clear and easily understood  
  • Establish how to implement effective training for all customer service staff  
  • Develop an action plan for your organisation that will ensure high levels of customer satisfaction  
All the Understanding ModernGov courses are Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified, with signed certificates available upon request for event.

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What Does Exceptional Service Look Like?

  • Why is good customer service so important in the age of digital?  
  • Benchmark the current level of customer service at your organisation and understand what can be done to improve this 
  • Ensure a positive experience for all service users 
  • Learn how to put a positive outlook on a negative outcome 

Creating Effective Customer Relationships whilst Working From Home

  • Learn how to create effective and engaging customer relationships 
  • Discuss different ways of communicating with various groups of people  
  • Learn how cultural diversity and language can affect the service user’s expectations and explore innovative methods of communication to target this 
      • Understand possible barriers to communication with service users who have learning difficulties and how best to engage  

Improving Training to Achieve Customer Service Excellence

  • Learn how to empower employees to deliver specific, personalised customer service   
  • Understand how to instil a culture of customer service excellence in your staff  
  • Take part in role-play exercises to explore how customer service agents should approach situations involving disgruntled and difficult service users 
  • Identify and realise best practice for staff working on the front line who deal directly with customers 

Implementing a Remote Working Customer Service Strategy

  • Why should customer retention be prioritised for public sector organisations?  
  • Monitoring and evaluating customer satisfaction to enable improvement  
  • Is outsourcing a viable option for your organisation?  
  • Evaluating the implications of digital on customer service 
  • Implementing customer feedback into the service culture  
  • Create a practical guide to implementing a customer service culture in your organisation  

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