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Mike Wistow

Change Management and Programme Management Expert

Mike Wistow is an expert in Change Management and Programme Management, as skilled in dealing with the organisational/socio-political issues that make for success or failure as he is at putting programme structures in place and dealing with emerging issues that constitute day-to-day business.

Mike founded Aegir Consulting Limited in 2011. He has described the frustrations of ‘being promoted into a life of meetings’ and wanted to work again on practical change management. As well as Aegir Consulting, he has also been a Board Member in a College, a Community Arts organisation and a PCT.

He has recently become a Trustee for:

Mike is a skilled facilitator and enjoys working at all levels of an organisation: Board, managers and front-line staff. Unusually, he has worked both in, and as a consultant to, Public, Private and Third Sector organisations. Mike often uses Systems/Lean thinking and methodologies, but does not exclusively do so – it depends on need.

External and National recognition has included:

– national award for Lean implementations

– regional award for Balanced Scorecard implementation

– membership of Home Office Committees to develop policy and set the framework for service change

– presenting nationally on topics as diverse as Corporate Strategy or criminological research into the effective practice with offenders

– repeated 100% success for his students taking exams