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Ready to develop or master essential skills? These handbooks cover a range of topics including written and verbal communication, leadership skills and more. Each handbook provides practical tips, techniques, and exercises to help you improve your skills and achieve your personal and professional goals. Download these handbooks to start boosting your skills!

Reports, Briefings, Minute Taking and More: The Guide to Effective Writing Skills for the Public Sector

Having the ability to write effective copy is an important skill that any public sector professional must possess. However, we can appreciate it can be a pretty difficult skill to master.

This is where our must-have Writing Skills Guide comes in.

This free guide includes:

  • Quick tips for powerful writing
  • How to confidently respond to complaints
  • Effective minute-taking best practices
  • How to successfully write briefings and submissions
  • Expert report writing tips and tricks

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Leadership Handbook for the Public Sector

Whether you are new to a leadership position or you are already a manager but need fresh ideas, this Leadership Handbook for the Public Sector full of strategies and research is for you.

It covers a range of leadership topics that you need to:

  • Better understand the skills you need to improve to become a better leader
  • Develop your interpersonal skills to lead with confidence
  • Create a coaching & mentoring programme to support your team
  • Successfully move into a leadership position with ease
  • Monitor staff performance to ensure productivity level remains high

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The Communication Skills Handbook for the Public Sector

To help you master verbal communication in the workplace, this handbook is jam-packed with valuable resources and handy tips.

By downloading this free handbook, you’ll be able to…

  1. Begin communicating with your team more confidently and effectively
  2. Learn how to become a strong public speaker – internally and externally
  3. Understand methods or real-life examples of how you can begin to improve the way you and your team communicate

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The Learning and Development Handbook

Calling all L&D or HR Managers in the Public Sector! We know the learning and development (L&D) landscape can be difficult to master, so we created a must-have handbook that will help you navigate new and old development needs.

This handbook includes topics like:

  • How to make employees feel invested in and valued
  • Ways to protect staff turnover and encourage effective feedback
  • How to upskill new and existing employees to improve performance and satisfaction
  • How to develop a positive working culture
  • Ways to continuously build your L&D knowledge

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