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Dr Saydia Razak

Human Factors Expert

Dr Saydia Razak is a Human Factors Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. She is currently leading on the Human Factors Systems Redesign of Escalation of the RESPOND  (Rescue for Emergency Patients Observed to uNdergo acute Deterioration) Programme. Saydia’s work is adopting Resilience Engineering principles to enhance the way surgically deteriorating patients are cared for post-operatively.

Saydia’s clinical career began as an Operating Department Practitioner in 2010, Saydia then moved on to the role of a Senior Emergency Department Practitioner. Wanting to enhance her experience, Saydia then joined a Community and Mental Health NHS Trust with the Patient Safety Team as the Learning from Death and Suicide Reduction Lead.

Academically, Saydia has a keen interest in human behaviour and interactions hence her undergraduate and MSc in Psychology, Sociology, and Health Psychology. Saydia combined her interests to unpack complex and critical care environments and pursued her PhD in Healthcare Human Factors and Ergonomics at Loughborough University.

With her first hand insight into NHS environments and her Human Factors expertise Saydia is keen to enhance patient safety through teaching. She is a visiting Lecturer at the University of Leicester, a Honorary Fellow at Loughborough University, is a member of the Q Community (The Health Foundation), as well as a member of the (CIEHF) Covid-19 silver team expert panel, which provides clinical expertise on crises resulting from the pandemic.