What to Expect From a Virtual Course

Unsure about what virtual training can offer you?

At Understanding ModernGov we have designed our virtual training courses to ensure you get the best learning experience possible. Throughout the day you will use a range of tools and techniques including breakout rooms, group exercises, live chat and interactive polls, to ensure that you are able to engage and interact with your trainer and share knowledge and best practice with your peers.

Accessible from any location and device, our virtual courses will provide you with the skills you and your organisation need to thrive, in a comfortable learning environment.

Take a look at our video to find out just what you can expect from our virtual courses

Don’t just take our word for it…

Here is just some of the feedback that we have had from delegate that have attended our virtual training courses.

“Excellent course that built so well throughout the day- amazing how strong everyone’s speaking skills were by the end of the session. Sandie is an excellent trainer- thank you!”
Head of Strategy and Change, London Borough of Islington

“I was quite nervous about doing a course on public speaking virtually – but Sandie did a fantastic job of choosing material that worked well in this format as well as making us move around the space. The structure and flow was excellent and she managed to keep us engaged for the whole session.”
Head of Scientific Machine Learning Group, Ufi VocTech Trust

​“Really great course with lots of useful information all delivered fantastically in a way that was clear and easy to understand.”
Research Support Officer, Office for National Statistics

“This is an excellent course that I would highly recommend.”
Disclosure Specialist, Ministry of Justice

“Fantastic course, trainer and facilitator. I am really pleased I attended the course and have learned new skills and techniques. The course was very informative, interactive and well organised. It was great to hear how the other delegates work and all help each other to improve our skills”
Executive Assistant, Saint Francis Hospice

“I really enjoyed this course. I found many of the activities useful and the trainer was very good at delivering information whilst keeping my attention. I have certainly learnt some new skills that will make me a better minute taker going forward.”
Executive Assistant, University of Cambridge

​“It was a fun course to take part in. There was a lot of information given, and it was done in an engaging way with lots of interactivity, even over Zoom. Sue is very knowledgeable and teaches in a very easy and relaxed manner and puts everyone at ease. I really enjoyed the course and learned lots from it.” 
Internal Quality and Improvement Officer, Social Work England

“I really enjoyed this course. To be honest, I had been slightly concerned about participating in a full day’s course remotely, especially as I had never used Zoom before, but the trainer was excellent and put everyone at their ease and was knowledgeable and engaging. I found the material really interesting and the time flew by! I really liked the mix of whole group learning and break out groups and the written exercise at the end was also insightful. I would thoroughly recommend the course and the skills learnt will be beneficial in my day to day role.”
Learning and Development Officer, Intellectual Property Office.

“Great trainer and really interesting discussions with others from different sectors”
HR Operations Lead, Hackney Education Department

I found the course interesting and I learnt the essentials of creating an effective briefing. It was delivered effectively via zoom and I was impressed with the tutor’s ability to keep track of and include everyone. The group was from different organisations. The breaks were good to get refreshed and join again. I would highly recommend the course.
Decisions Officer, SIA