Service Improvement

Why Customer Service Matters in the Public Sector

The public sector is one of the biggest service providers in the UK, employing around 5.7 million people (ONS, 2022).

The quality in service provision can vary widely, often resulting in an inconsistent and frustrating customer experience. When these service providers put customer service at the forefront of their provision, the benefits are clear and include cost savings, fewer complaints and increased staff retention rates.

Available Dates:
11 July, 2023
09:25 - 16:15
Service Improvement
Support vulnerable people with empathy and compassion
Available Dates:
12 July, 2023
09:25 - 16:15
Service Improvement
Improve Your Written Responses to Complaints
Available Dates:
27 April, 2023
09:25 - 16:15
Service Improvement
Excel at Accurate, Compassionate and Comprehensive Correspondence
Available Dates:
6 June, 2023
09:25 - 16:15
Service Improvement
Defuse and Mitigate Aggressive Behaviour
Service Improvement
Improve Your Written Responses to Complaints

Hello! Welcome to our new Service Improvement page. Do you handle and respond to complaints at your organisation and need to develop these skills?

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What is The Government’s Service Standard?

The Service Standard helps teams to create and run great public services.

  1. Understand users and their needs
  2. Solve a whole problem for users
  3. Provide a joined up experience across all channels
  4. Make the service simple to use
  5. Make sure everyone can use the service
  6. Have a multidisciplinary team
  7. Use agile ways of working
  8. Iterate and improve frequently
  9. Create a secure service which protects user’s privacy
  10. Define what success looks like and publish performance data
  11. Choose the right tools and technology
  12. Make new source code open
  13. Use and contribute to open standards, common components and patterns
  14. Operate a reliable service

Complaints Procedure – Department for Education – Gov.UK here

How to Reduce Customer Complaints – 5 Ways:

  1. Use advanced technology to keep on top of safety issues
  2. Provide exceptional customer service
  3. Be sure to deliver on promised standards
  4. Ask for feedback
  5. Find the root of the problem

Complaints to the Public Sector – Do they make a difference?

Have a look at experts discussing why people don’t tend to complain about public services and how complaints can drive improvement on The Guardian here

What are the 6 Principles of Good Complaint Handling?

  1. Getting it right.
  2. Being customer focused.
  3. Being open and accountable.
  4. Acting fairly and proportionately.
  5. Putting things right.
  6. Seeking continuous improvement

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