Policy & Project Management Skills

Implementing a Policy and Project Management Culture in the Public Sector

Learn the essential skills for writing policies and successful project management for your organisation.

Policies are guidelines to help project managers create, execute and deliver successful projects while providing quality assurance and a cost framework.

We are offering our expertise in all aspects of project delivery as well as an insight into the policies required by the public sector.


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6 July, 2023
09:25 - 16:15
Policy & Project Management Skills
Making Every Word Count
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10 July, 2023
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Policy & Project Management Skills
APMG Accredited Training
Policy & Project Management Skills
Successfully Manage the Contract Process
Policy & Project Management Skills
Effectively Achieve Regulatory Objectives
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28 April, 2023
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Policy & Project Management Skills
Read Once and Understood
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25 May, 2023
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Policy & Project Management Skills
Create Truly Inclusive and Equitable Policies
Policy & Project Management Skills
Manage Relationships to Achieve Your Goals
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25 April, 2023
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Policy & Project Management Skills
Ensure Your Policies are Understood and Acted Upon
Policy & Project Management Skills
Successfully Deliver Every Policy

What is the Government Functional Project Delivery Standard?

The Government Functional Project Delivery Standard is designed to ensure the right direction and management of all government portfolios, programmes and projects.

What are the Elements of The Government Functional Project Delivery Standards?

  1. The purpose and scope of the standard
  2. Principles for directing and managing portfolios, programmes and projects
  3. Overview of portfolio, programme and project management
  4. Governance and roles of portfolios, programmes and projects
  5. Portfolio management
  6. Programme and project management
  7. Practices which support project delivery

What Defines a Project?

  1. A business case which is regularly reviewed
  2. A clear start and end
  3. Measurable outcomes
  4. A project plan with the right activities in order to achieve the outcomes
  5. A risk assessment and steps to avoid
  6. A defined budget to complete the project
  7.  Clarified roles and responsibilities of the project management team

What are the 7 Steps to Good Policy Making?

  1.  Identifying the issue
  2. Research and analysis
  3. Develop policy options
  4. Consultation (formal and informal)
  5. Recommendation and decision;
  6. Implementation
  7. Evaluation

What are the Five Stages for Policy Process?

  1. Agenda setting
  2. Policy formulation
  3. Policy adoption
  4. Policy implementation
  5. Policy evaluation

Policy & Project Management Skills Blogs

Why Use Guidelines?

Unfortunately, for various avoidable reasons, projects sometimes fail to deliver.